Transfer Evernote Notes to Microsoft OneNote Using the Import Tool

If today’s news about new plans and Evernote restrictions gets you thinking about Microsoft OneNote, the OneNote Importer makes the transition relatively painless for Windows users.

Evernote’s prices can go up, but OneNote is a very similar app , and it’s completely free. And if you might be interested in switching, Microsoft has a handy tool that will migrate all of your Evernote content to OneNote for free. That’s not a bad deal considering the Evernote Premium tier now costs the same per year as an Office 365 subscription, including OneNote, 1TB of cloud storage, and the Microsoft Office suite. You can download the OneNote Importer Tool for Windows 7 PCs or later from the link below (Mac version is in development).

OneNote Import Tool | OneNote via Microsoft Office Blogs


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