196 US Cities Ranked Best to Worst in Terms of Your Retirement

When you retire, you will want to spend your days living in a city that you enjoy. This huge chart compares 196 cities across eight different categories to rank those cities based on how good they are for retirees.

A chart from financial advisory website Bankrate compares U.S. cities across fairly broad categories, including cost of living, healthcare, culture, and pedestrian accessibility. Cities are then ranked based on their overall score in these categories. Arlington, Virginia (technically a county) tops the list, with several other cities from Tennessee, Maryland, and Florida rounding out the top ten.

Of course, some of this information can be highly dependent on your personal needs and desires. For example, the category “culture” is very subjective. For example, my hometown Atlanta has a great culture for me, a young non-retirement person, but it may be less appealing to those looking to settle down. However, the extensive list should be a good starting point for any research.

1 Great Chart to Compare Best and Worst Cities for Retirement Age | Bank rate


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