Here’s What Happens to Your Plaid Bags During Flight

Unless the airline loses it, you probably don’t think much about what happens to your baggage after you check it in. If you’re curious about the process, this video breaks it down.

A video from the Smithsonian Channel shows your luggage going after check-in. It goes through the entire automated tracking process, and it’s actually quite interesting and more complex than you might think. It also explains why it takes so long for luggage to get from one place to another.

American Airlines recently released an app to help you track your bags through this process. And, in case you’re still wondering, this homemade journaling system shows you how much of your luggage is thrown away.

To see how your luggage travels every time you fly, watch the video.

How do your plaid bags really get on the plane? | Smithsonian Channel (YouTube)


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