Lying Workspace for Recovery

Reader Alan will have surgery soon (best wishes for a speedy recovery!) And needed a workspace that he could comfortably use while he was not working and recovering, yet efficient enough to get some work done and play a little. Here’s what he came up with, along with a short video tour.

Let’s start with Alan’s own words (a great name by the way), in which he e-mails to describe his setup, and a still shot of the workspace:

I am a hip hop dance teacher and a longtime read in Brooklyn. Patrick was kind enough to talk about some of my basic dance lessons last year .

I have an operation that will keep me stationary for months, so I created a reclining workbench that I could train in (taking inspiration from this recommended workspace ).

As a dancer, I have to stay in shape, so I added some SPRI Resistance strips to the base of the weightless chair and kept my ankle weights nearby! Now I can practice between matchmaking rounds, fully leaning back in my seat 🙂

First, as we said above, a speedy recovery! Secondly, a great name. Third, we love this workspace, if not clear. Here’s another photo, from top to bottom:

Alan says he lives in Brooklyn, so he should be comfortable for small spaces, and this setup definitely makes it possible. It saves space, and while not all laid out with tons of hardware, it makes good use of the available space and has a nice large shelf big enough to hold his keyboard, an Xbox One controller on his desk there, a mouse, and even a little extra space. for a drink or a plate of snacks. A stand for raising its display is also a nice (and important) touch, as it will recline.

Resistance bands within reach are also important, especially considering that he will be in this setting for long periods of time. The next time I have to recover from surgery, you can bet I’ll use this example to comfortably work and play without giving up on my battle station.

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Lying work place | Flickr


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