Linux Distribution Just Got a Little Easier With “Snap”

The latest version of Ubuntu comes with support for a new application distribution service called snap, which makes installing applications much easier. This is now available in almost all popular Linux distributions.

Traditionally, Linux applications come in formats such as DEB. These packages contain the application you want to install, but also install any dependencies that might be required to run that application. This can lead to conflicts and usually only creates a little mess.

Snap packages are self-contained, instead of running around installing many conflicting dependencies. Each dependency is limited to the installed application. This can lead to redundancy, but makes things a little easier. It also makes Snap packages faster and more secure, and offers modern features like automatic updates. As with any other Linux, if you don’t like this system, you don’t need to use it. RPM and DEB will remain unchanged, but Snaps can make installing certain packages much easier. Snap packages now work with Arch, Debian, Fedora and more.

Universal Snaps Run on Multiple Linux Distributions | Ubuntu via Ars Technica


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