This Guide From Serious Eats Tells You Exactly How to Cook Any Steak.

Few topics generate such heated debate as “how to cook a steak.” Not only do the methods vary with temperature and equipment, there is literally a whole selection of cow cuts. As such, some home cooks may find it intimidating, but not more, as Serious Eats has a comprehensive steak guide.

It’s amazing and the online tutorial is very easy to use. Just click on the slicing or cooking method of your choice and get ready to have all the steak information you need in person.

For example, if you click on the delicious-looking receptionist on the left, a description of the two-in-one steak appears, along with suggestions for heat sources, a small diagram showing exactly where on the cow it came from, and every Serious Eats porterhouse recipe ever published. I could chat a lot about what a great resource this is, but you should head over to the Serious Nutrition page and see for yourself.

The Complete Steak Guide | Serious food


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