Unusual Dishwasher Functions at No Extra Cost

Dishwasher prices can range from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. Obviously, the more expensive a device is, the more functions it has. However, as Consumer Reports points out, some of these features just aren’t worth it.

Consumer Reports tested 172 dishwasher models and rated them based on washing, drying time, energy consumption and a number of other factors, which you can read more about here . According to their tests, there are a number of features that cost more, but don’t really do much. According to them, “You can give up many of these fancy features without noticing any degradation in a dishwasher’s primary function: cleaning.”

All in all, they’ve found that extra wash cycles and dedicated wash zones don’t actually cleanse your dishes. They reported:

Many newer models also include a quick or express cycle that cleans lightly soiled laundry in just 20 minutes. Some dishwashers use a number of other cycles including single wire rack, dish scraper, soak / scrub, steam scrub, porcelain / crystal, and disinfection.

But you don’t need all of these features. Three basic cycles should be enough for most things, even for baked food … Some models take away a portion of the dishwasher for heavily soiled items that require special attention. These zones do not necessarily run all the time — on some models, they only run for a few minutes.

Another feature that doesn’t provide much benefit? Third rack. As they explain, adding an extra rack also means less space for taller items on the bottom rack. I suppose this is more of a preference, but it is a trade-off to be considered. For additional features worth thinking twice about, head over to their full post.

5 Dishwasher Functions You May Be Missing | Consumer reports


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