Arcade Work and Play Space

On Flickr,Tadashiman shares these beautiful photographs of him working, acting and making art, and we are very in love with each other. Standing arcade cabinet, dual display setup and solid sound? We fell.

The photo above is a panoramic shot of the entire office. Here’s one of the desktop and computer setups, along with those lovely speakers and a vertical dual-desktop configuration.

He gives us a little idea of ​​how to set it up:

In general, look at my table. The workstation is an 8-core xeon with 32 gigabytes of memory and a GTX 970. The chair is the DXRacer Zero series. The bottom monitor is a 24-inch IPS LG, the top is a 23-inch Samsung. I use the vertical setup because I don’t like turning my head too much. with this setting, both screens are always in line of sight. I made the monitors myself.

Here’s a closer look at this workstation:

On the other side of the room is Tadashiman’s MAME arcade cabinet, which he made himself, and stands directly in front of the room for him to blow off steam or relax. He notes:

I built this MAME arcade machine so I can play fast whenever I want. This is an incredibly fast PC with SSD memory so I can turn it on and off quickly. I also need a desktop nearby because I love repairing electronics, especially on my old consoles.

Overall, it’s a great space, and while it’s not really a “work space” because it’s designed for work and play, we think this is true of any space that we share in this way. Also pay attention to the games on the shelves.

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Panoramic view | Flickr


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