The Power of Procrastination by Postponing an Easy Task Every Morning

For most people, sound advice is to start with a big, important thing first thing in the morning. But if you’re serious about procrastinating until later, lightening your day with a few small steps may be more effective.

If you need help getting started, redditor Rosco7 invites you to keep something easy first thing at the end of each workday the next morning:

If I find a software bug and see that it is easy to fix, I leave it the next morning. If I need to package the installer for a new release, leave it the next morning.

When you have something easy to start each day, you are less tempted to put off work and do other things. Simple and easy tasks help you focus and get your mind back on track. You use calculated procrastination at the end of the day to combat productivity-damaging procrastination at the start of the day.

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