Why “Follow Your Passion” Isn’t Always the Best Advice

You’ve heard motivating speakers a thousand times over that the key to success is following your passion. It’s an attractive idea, but as Mike Rowe points out, just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at it or that it’s a viable career path.

Turning to PragerU ‘s Graduation Class, a free online education resource, Mike Rowe explains how passion and ability don’t always match, and your ambitious dreams can get in the way of enjoying the work you’re already doing. It might sound a little grim, but Mike goes on to explain that being happy at work has nothing to do with the work you do – a lesson he learned from a septic tank cleaner who focused on being good at his job. until he found prosperity.

Rather, he invites you to follow opportunities , and although you should not follow your passion, “you should always take it with you.”

Don’t Follow Your Passion | PragerU


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