Tips for Making the Most of Korean BBQ

If you’ve never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant where plate after plate is brought to you and you cook it yourself, this can be a little intimidating. These tips will help you get the best dining experience without losing your looks.

In this video from YouTube channel ZAGAT, Jonathan Angellucci, CEO of Do Hwa shares some tips on how to dine in style at a Korean barbecue restaurant. First place the chopped onion on the grill rack and slide. This will expand the flavor of the onion and prevent the meat from sticking later. Now start grilling the vegetables on the sides of the grill plate. They take the longest to cook, so it’s best to cook them before grilling the meat. When it’s time for the meat, bake the whole thing near the center of the wire rack for about two minutes on each side. While everything is grilling, immerse yourself in your bang-chan or side dishes and feel free to grab cuts of meat to eat right off the grill. And if you’re offered a salad instead of a lettuce wrap, try to make each wrapper two bites rather than stuffed with burritos.

How To Eat Korean BBQ – Stop Eating Wrong Episode 22 | Youtube


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