Turn Off Recording History: Temporarily Saves Your Browsing History in Incognito Mode Until You Close Chrome

Chrome: Chrome’s incognito mode is great, but one drawback is the fact that Chrome doesn’t keep any history when you use it. Most of the time this is great, but sometimes you really need this story. Off the Record History creates a temporary incognito history file for exactly these reasons.

Off the Record History essentially creates a short-term history file that self-destructs when the browser is closed. This works for both your story and recently closed tabs. If you use Incognito Mode a lot, or if you have guests using it on your computer, it is very helpful to install Off the Record History. It takes a few extra steps to get it set up in order for it to work in incognito mode, so be sure to check the instructions on the extension’s page.

Turn off recording history | Chrome Web Store via How-To Geek


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