A Heirloom Enhances the Quality of Rotten Tomatoes by Focusing on Critics Who Share Your Tastes

Chrome: The ratings in the movie reviews are pretty flawed . The most annoying thing is that you can’t tell from the evaluation whether the reviewers like the film because it is bad, or simply because they like other things than you do. The Rotten Tomato family heirloom helps fix that.

The relic, of course, is only as good as it is given of your tastes. You can import existing Rotten Tomatoes ratings if you have them. If you don’t, or just prefer not to pass this data, you can install the extension directly and just evaluate as needed. The more films you rate, the more the ratings will reflect your assessment of the film, rather than a crowd of unnamed critics.

The Chrome extension then filters out criticism of Rotten Tomatoes and gives more weight to those reviewers whose ratings are more similar to your own. Instead of focusing on an “objective” assessment, you will receive an assessment that aims to provide your opinion of the film. For example, after watching Warcraft, I don’t think it was a knockout punch, but I don’t think it deserves the 22% churn that Rotten Tomatoes are giving it now. After I rate a few things in Heirloom, I get a new personal point of 53%. This is similar to what I would give. You can also view individual reviewers to see how their ratings and opinions match up with yours.

Rotten heirloom tomatoes | Chrome Web Store


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