MenuMate Places the Mac App’s Menu Bar Next to the Cursor

Mac: If you have a large screen or tend to work across multiple desktops, the menu bar on your Mac may seem distant. MenuMate is a simple app that lets you bring up everything on the app’s menu bar with a keyboard shortcut.

The idea here is simple: your menu bar is at the top of your screen, but sometimes you want quick access to things that don’t have keyboard shortcuts. With MenuMate, everything on the menu bar essentially turns into a context menu that appears next to the cursor when you press a keyboard shortcut. From there, you can select whatever you want, just like in the real menu bar. Sure, you could always get to your Mac’s menu bar with a keyboard shortcut, but who wants to press Ctrl + FN + F2 ? If you’d like to take a test drive, the developer has a 10 minute demo available on their website.

MenuMate ($ 4.99) | Mac App Store via Apple World Today


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