Turn an Old Sheet Into a Beach Blanket That Won’t Blow Away

When you go to the beach, you will need a blanket that is easy to peel off, suitable for everyone, and won’t get blown away by the wind. With a little work, you can turn an old sheet into a blanket that can handle all three.

You can even use this tip to change your existing beach towels so they stay on the sand. You’ll need:

  • Towel, blanket, or sheet
  • 4 feet of strong cord or rope
  • 4 tent racks to keep the blanket in place
  • Needle and thread

It will go faster if you use a sewing machine, but you can also do some of the sewing by hand. Cut the cord into pieces of one leg and tie in a loop. Make sure the knots are securely fastened so they don’t break on the beach. Place the loops in each corner of the sheet and fold the corner so that it surrounds the loop. Pin it to keep it in place while sewing. Sew on the corner, moving back and forth several times to reinforce it. The next time you go to the beach, thread the stakes through the loops and your blanket will stay in place, even when nothing weighs it down.

Best Beach Blanket Ever | Sawdust


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