Water-Cooled Glass-Top Workspace for Experienced and Co-Pilots

On the Battlestations subreddit, Sarn shared this beautiful setup with nearby computers on a custom open-top table with LEDs for you to see from the inside. All this is just beautiful.

We have to point out right away that the entire installation is custom made – the table, computers, even the cooling and lighting for the computers were made in Sarn’s workshop, and the entire Imgur gallery (link below) contains all 70 photos of the whole process, from the metal frame of the table to table trim and wood, monitor brackets and installation process, and even before choosing a keyboard and monitor. He notes:

I’ve wanted to do this for years. He went through a lot of variations and 3D models, so needless to say, when I finally got the go-ahead for this, he was ready. It took me about 2 months to complete it after my parts were delivered. I did everything myself: plans, cutting, welding, carpentry, wiring, pipes and everything else. My beloved wife used to take pictures while I was working on it. These three best photos are probably the only ones I have ever taken, 4 months after I finished.

There are 3 computers in this table. His, Her and my toy server. I am very tired of typing, so just ask questions in my conversation and I can find the answer.

There is also a link to this thread below if you have questions, but this is a fairly popular thread, so check first and make sure that what you are interested in is not answered. Here’s an enlarged shot of this open center of the table, with the water cooling set up for everyone to see:

This image was taken in white – the gallery has similar images with red and blue LEDs, as well as images of each PC, him, her, and the server in different colors. Later in the gallery, you will even see pictures of him testing the water cooling system for leaks, which is very important when you are doing something this big. As for the characteristics of the systems:



This is an important thing, right? I had a price cap and already had a GTX 970, so I cut a corner.


Intel Core i7 4790k, ASUS Z87 Sabertooth, ATi 7970 Crossfire,

This is my old computer. I built it about 3-4 years ago when it was brand new. My wife plays little, so no harm.


Solyanka made of shit. I probably have 30+ TB of crap. I use it mainly as a NAS running FreeNAS and a few plugins for cloud storage and media storage / usage.

All in all, this is an amazing build, and even better when you look at pictures of how it was all done and put together. Click on the link below to check it all out.

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His & Hers Battlestation Desk – Build log with lots of pictures. | Imgur via Reddit


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