Start Your Day With a Cute, Happy Note by Setting Hug Alarm Clock

I’m not a very early bird and am always looking for ways to make AM a little more bearable. This adorable suggestion to set The Kitchn’s “cuddle alarm” is almost too cute:

We set two alarms with an interval of 10 minutes. The first is the “hug anxiety”. On the days when he works, it is a 12-hour shift, so we don’t have much time together. Spending 10 minutes in bed together, gentle and in love, is a great way to start your morning (plus, I HATE hugging before bed; GIVE ME SPACE and get your sweaty body off me). – ccseren

Ten minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but that extra little bit of affection before starting the day can help. Before you get cynical and “think about lonely people!” in the comments, keep in mind that I am one of those single people and I am here to tell you that this cuddle alarm system works just as well with a pet (like the King Charles Spaniel) as it does with a human. … If you’re still not happy, click on the link below to find out how to make your climb a little easier. There is a good example of a breakfast sandwich.

10 Little Habits That Will Help You Get a Better Morning | Kitchen


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