If You Need to Return Your Cable Equipment in Person, Outsource It

It is not easy for cable companies to quit smoking . And one of the most frustrating things about canceling a cable is having to personally return the cable box. You take a break to go to the office, stand in line, and even after your number has been dialed, it can still be a problem . Finance writer Libby Kane offers a simple solution: Pay someone to do it for you.

Kane explains how she outsourced the task:

This may be obvious to you. But that was not for me. It felt like a genius move when I realized that for $ 20 I could hire a TaskRabbit to show up on the morning of my move and ferry my cable box (along with my old cable box, which I never bothered to return when they have been modernized) back into place. It took 10 minutes to approve, and I got a $ 20 coupon to book my first task, which means it ended up costing me nothing at all.

Your own mileage may vary. For example, if the wait is particularly long (it once took me more than an hour), the performer may charge more. Cable companies undoubtedly realize how difficult it is to do this, but outsourcing the task if possible is a smart move.

Likewise, I recently changed ISP, and although they initially told me I should return the box in person, I politely insisted they give me the shipping address for the equipment, and after a few tries it worked. I had to shell out cash for the delivery, but it was a small fee to avoid getting into Hell’s waiting room.

To find out more, navigate to Kane’s full post at the link below.

Smartest Thing I’ve Done to Reduce Moving Chaos Only Cost Me $ 20 | Business Insider


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