Use Onions to Make Kebabs and Kebabs Easier (and Safer)

Kebab and shashlik are easy to make and easy to assemble, but anyone who has poked into a skewer knows it sucks anyway. Luckily, all you need to speed up the process (and make it safer) is an onion that you can still use.

First, prepare meat and vegetables for your kebabs. Instead of holding the kebab up and pushing everything down onto it, place the flat half of the onion on a cutting board (great if you’ve already used some of the onion for your kebab.) Place a piece of meat or vegetables on top of the onion and pierce it securely with the kebab. The bow should serve as a landing point for the skewer so that it doesn’t slip when you add new pieces. After you’re done, sauté the onions so they don’t go missing.

Quick Grilling Tip | J. Kenji Lopez Alt (Twitter)


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