Store Tea in Airtight Containers to Extend the Shelf Life and Keep the Flavors Intact.

If you are a fan of a quality cup of tea, you may want to focus on more than just the brewing method. How you store your tea can affect its taste and shelf life, and different teas have different shelf life.

The tea will not go bad on its own, but its taste will not change over time, and it can also absorb aromas from the environment. Brian Keating, author of ” How to brew tea: the science behind the sheet” , explained Food52, that the majority of black tea can be stored for about two years when stored properly:

“The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your loose tea is to package it in an airtight container and do your best to protect it from temperature extremes – anything from 60 ° F to 80 ° F is safe.” …

Individually wrapped tea bags that are not sealed in plastic or aluminum bags should be stored in the same way as loose tea. Of course, you can be lazier with sealed tea bags (like Twinings tea bags that you can buy at your local grocery store) because they are airtight and don’t require special storage. To learn more about tea, read the remainder of Brian’s conversation with Food52 .

Yes, your tea has a shelf life (+ how to extend it) | Food52


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