Most Viewed Posts This Week: May 27 – June 3

With warm weather tempting outside, a lot of attention has been paid to health and wellness this week. We’ve laid out all the health checkups men and women need, and when, we’ve compared the best travel guides and last minute trips, refuted common mosquito repellents and more.

Yelp is terrible for everyone involved

“Your Yelp review is ruining my business,” he tells me, clearly gritting his teeth. “How long will I have to suffer with your negative review?” A few weeks ago, a contractor called me because of a review I had left. An oddly emotional conversation ensued that hesitated between harassment and an appeal for sympathy.

What You Should Know About the New Social Security Rules

Social security is already a hot issue, and recent changes have made people really worried about it , making it difficult to overcome resentment and just navigate the facts. Here’s what you should know about change.

Why your house stinks and how to fix it

From fried fish to a dirty toilet, most of the smells in your home are fairly easy to spot. However, there are also more insidious scents that cannot be eliminated no matter how many Febreeze bottles you put out. To prevent these odors from spreading in your home, you need to identify them first.

Medical checkups that all women need and when

No matter how quickly medicine propels us towards treatment, preventive medicine will always be the most effective and cheapest way to stay healthy. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the common women’s health screening tests, when you should get them, and what awaits you when you walk in.

Medical Exams All Men Need and When

No matter how quickly medicine propels us towards treatment, preventive medicine will always be the most effective and cheapest way to stay healthy. Yesterday we went through the most common fashion shows for women . Today we will talk about men’s health checks, when you should take them and what experiences await you.

According to a financial planner, the first thing you should do to get your money in order is

Money is not as difficult as it sounds, but when your finances get out of hand, money management really seems overwhelming. To get started, here’s the first thing you should do, according to one financial planner.

Showdown Guide: Lonely Planet vs. Fodor’s Travel

Smartphones, Wi-Fi, and GPS have made travel easier , but a physical travel guide is always a smart investment in traveling the world. Both Lonely Planet and Fodor’s have been around for decades, but it’s time to decide which travel guide deserves that coveted spot in your travel bag.

Turn enemies into friends with one little confession

As much as you hope, you just won’t love everyone you meet. In fact, you may outright hate some, but you don’t have to. Research from the University of Groningen shows that a small shift in approach to unloved people can alleviate many of these negative feelings.

Do pre-workout supplements really help?

Pre-workout supplements promise to improve your performance, and these promises come with high prices. You are supposed to get more energy, less fatigue, and more blood flow to help you get more out of your workout. The point is, these supplements are actually powerful stimulants.

Top 10 last minute tricks for a great getaway

There is something to be said about planning your vacation escape carefully, choosing the right place, the right time, and then going for it. There’s more to just not shy away from after a long, dreadful week. Here are some tricks to make the latter as luxurious as possible.

The Exercise You Need To Convert Lean Fat Into Shape

If you have a slender physique but still have belly and lethargy in some parts of your body, you may consider yourself “thin.” There is nothing wrong or unhealthy about this form, but if you feel the urge to change it, here’s how.

These bracelets and expensive gadgets don’t stop mosquitoes from biting you.

Nobody likes mosquitoes, but they certainly love us . Spraying DEET, picaridin, or lemon eucalyptus oil on your skin will hold them back , but stores are full of bracelets, candles, clothing, and other products that claim to repel insects without these nasty “chemicals.” Some of them may help, but none of them are reliable.

How to stream the NBA Finals on any device

What is the difference between all these running apps?

A lot has changed since choosing our favorite running apps a few years ago. There are many apps out there that save your stats in the cloud and let you share your runs with your Facebook friends, but they are all quite different and it can be difficult for you to choose the right one for you. Here’s how to choose.


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