Increase the Efficiency of the Refrigerator, Allow Leftover Food to Cool Before Storing

Preparing food ahead of time and storing leftovers is a great way to save time and money down the road, but you can make your refrigerator work harder than it needs to. This is why you must first let the food cool down.

The inside of the refrigerator contains a delicate environment that is more susceptible to temperature fluctuations than you might imagine. Suzanne Raga of Mental Floss explains that the radiant heat from hot leftovers can dramatically raise the temperature inside the refrigerator, making it harder for the compressor to cool the refrigerator to the set point. This is especially true for older and smaller refrigerators. If you want the refrigerator to work efficiently, allow food to cool to room temperature before storing it. Just make sure you remember the 2: 4 rule to safely store and enjoy leftovers.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently | Mental thread


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