Conquer the Armrest in Flight by Reclining the Seat First

Nothing makes flying more inconvenient than accessing your armrests. Fear not, traveler, there is a way to claim your rights and keep what is yours.

Obviously, the best way to occupy the armrest in flight is to get there first, but this is not always possible. You can always politely ask them to share, but you might not want to be diplomatic. If you’re facing a tough battle, Entrepreneur’s Andrew Medal offers a clever little trick to secure the armrest once and for all:

… the trick, if you are faced with premature failure, is to kick back the chair first. This oblique angle will allow you to replace any hand position that your opponent says may have been earlier and will allow you to win.

When you recline your chair, say, “I need to relax, so I need to be comfortable – don’t bother me.” Smile, start leaning back and place your hands on the armrest. They will give way and wish they were the first to sit back.

8 Travel Tricks To Help You Fly Like a Boss | Businessman


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