Clothing Treated With Permethrin Is Not Ideal for Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying, they can be dangerous. However, before buying expensive clothing with built-in insect repellent, you may want to consider cheaper and possibly more effective options.

This video from YouTube’s Consumer Reports showcases them being tested on two popular brands of permetrized shirts: Insect Shield and Burlington. The results showed that both brands were somewhat effective before washing, but neither brand was able to completely prevent mosquitoes carrying Zika virus bites before or after washing. Not exactly perfect, especially since these shirts can range from $ 20 for a T-shirt to over $ 150 for a permethrin-treated button that is made from a flame retardant material. However, the shirt they treated with DEET showed excellent results during the tests. So it’s best to buy a highly effective 30% DEET repellent for less than $ 10 per bottle and treat the garment yourself. Just hang your garment outdoors, spray it with DEET repellent and let it dry before putting it on.

Mosquito plug? Permethrin Tested Shirts | Youtube


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