Five Types of “real Tea” and Other Little-Known Facts About Tea

Tea plays a secondary role after water when it comes to worldwide popularity, and yet many of us know so little about it . That’s why this issue of the Mental Floss’ List Show is about 36 different facts about tea that you might not have known.

For example, the five types of “real tea” are actually all related to the fact that many of the things we call “tea” are actually “tizans” because they do not actually contain the real tea plant. Of the five types of Mental Floss mentioned here, there are black, white, green, oolong, and pu-erh (a type of fermented tea that’s actually really good, but not very popular). The “color” of tea is related to its oxidation level, so white tea is the freshest and does not undergo oxidation, while black tea is completely oxidized, creating a stronger aroma. On the other hand, green tea is usually prepared for flavoring by roasting or steaming. Oolong tea is a Chinese tea that is very slightly oxidized.

However, we do not want to serve the entire video, so click the play button on the video above to see everything, or below to view other Mental Floss videos. When you’re done, find some good tea to drink and bask in your newfound knowledge.

36 facts about tea | Mental Floss (YouTube)


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