When Something Is Wrong, Use Expensive Salt.

Chemically, all salts are the same, but many of the fancy specialty salts you can find vary in texture, taste, and price. Here’s how to know when to ditch the trendy Himalayan salt, or go for table or kosher salt.

The Vox article explains that you should use sea salt mainly to sprinkle on the dish to add a little crunchy texture, rather than boiling pasta water. Use table salt for this. Table salt has much finer granules, so table salt is great for baking and dissolving in brine solutions for stewing, marinating or braising.

Most of the differences between salts lie in how they are processed, the intensity of the salt in each pinch, and the micronutrients they contain (or not). For example, table salt is often fortified with iodine, which helps maintain thyroid health, while kosher salt is iodine-free. Most recipes require kosher salt, but due to its larger crystals, you need more kosher salt to get the same flavor intensity as table salt (about 50% more than table salt per tablespoon).

When to cook with trendy salt and when to cook with cheap salt | Vox


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