Beatactive Offers a Full 30 Minute Workout Synced to Great, Upbeat Music

Android / iOS: If you are a music lover, especially electronic music, Beatactive can be a great workout companion. Beatactive syncs upbeat tunes, bodyweight exercises and a DJ that guides you through every workout.

A while ago I had the opportunity to try out the beta version of Beatactive. The music was catchy and made me work out. In a way, it reminds me of energetic group activities. The app is free to download, but you’ll need to pay $ 8 per month to access the full 30 minute workouts, with new music workouts released every week. I recommend checking out their SoundCloud here to see if you like the music.

So far, the recently released app only includes a few workouts, but you can demonstrate one or two of them. A subscription looks like a small monthly investment, but if heavy beats and bass keep you moving and exercising, Beatactive is a great gym alternative.

Beatactive ($ 8 per month) | Google Play Beatactive ($ 8 per month) | iTunes App Store via Beatactive


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