Which Store Loyalty Programs Are Really Worth It?

Many in-store loyalty programs are more hassle than they are worth. You carry the card around on your keychain, pull it out every time you make a purchase, and you get a free drink as a reward, which you may not forget to use on your next visit. We want to know: which loyalty programs are worth it?

Maybe the program has great benefits , maybe just sign up and collect points, or maybe you can accumulate points quickly. To give an example, CVS has a fairly simple reward program. From time to time, you get a free coupon that you can use for anything, and the coupon is even digitally stored on your card.

Of course these answers are subjective, but we’re just looking for programs that tend to be pretty easy to use and really pay off. Obviously, these should also be larger retailers. Your on-the-street indie coffee shop can have great perks, but for the rest of you, it’s of little use. So let’s hear this. Let us know the name of the store, how the program works and what experience you have with it.


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