The Best Way to Boil Salmon Is With a Cold Start.

If you want to cook perfectly cooked salmon, not overcooked, dip it in cold water and gradually increase the heat.

Vigorous heat, such as boiling or boiling, will cause the tender proteins of the salmon to harden and harden as soon as you put them in the water for cooking. This is why Serious Eats’ Daniel Gritzer suggests starting the salmon with cold water for poaching and slowly injecting heat until the liquid reaches 170 ° F and your fish reaches a safe core temperature of 115 ° F to 145 ° F. When the salmon is ready, give let it stand for five minutes before serving. You don’t even need to cook the broth beforehand if you don’t want to, because you can easily add lemon juice and some flavors to the water while it heats up.

The best way to catch salmon | Serious food


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