Create Your Own Miniature Arcade Cocktail Cabinet for Two

Cocktail cabinets are a great way to squeeze a two player arcade game into a small package. DIYer CircuitBeard showcases its build based on the Raspberry Pi. This is handsome.

The body is made of cheap MDF and then vinyl coated to give it a vintage look (contact paper seems to do the job just fine). From there, the arcade joysticks are plugged in, the screen is attached, and RetroPie is loaded into the Raspberry Pi to emulate . You will find the bulk of the tutorial on how CircuitBeard built the cabinet on their site, although unfortunately it lacks the design files for the cabinet. However, it contains a ton of other information, including how to get the Pi to perform well with the display and arcade joysticks.

Rombus-CT – Raspberry Pi Based Mini Cocktail Arcade | SchemeBeard


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