Better Use of Fitbit As an Alarm Clock Rather Than an Activity Tracker

Fitbit is a great activity tracker. It can track your steps, sleep, and activity level, but it’s best used not to track your activity: it’s like a silent alarm that hums you gently and doesn’t wake anyone in your house. or in bed next to you when it’s time to get up.

It’s worth noting that this tip doesn’t apply to Fitbit at all. Other activity trackers that also track your sleep and have built-in vibration alerts will work as well. However, I am a bit biased here, as my fiance and I use our gadgets in this way and never thought it was anything special until I read this take of Luke from Cool Tools on the topic:

We have a bright light right outside our apartment window, so we try to keep the room as dark as possible, I like to get up early and exercise before work, and my wife likes to stay up late and sleep longer. problems when the alarm goes off, sometimes as early as 3 am. This is a terrible way to wake up, and not entirely fair to your partner who is still asleep.

I have a fitness tracker on my Fitbit Flex, and while I love the “quantify myself” features of its activity tracking that can help you stay active and achieve your goals, the best feature I’ve found is its silent alarm.

You slowly wake up with three vibrations on your wrist, which can then be turned off by double tapping on the device.

The beauty of adding an alarm to your activity tracker is that it knows if you got up and started moving or not.

He notes that it’s easy to set recurring alarms for your Fitbit and forget about it – it will wake you up at the same time every day, turning off the alarm is as simple as tapping on the device (which you supposedly wear to track your sleep ), that’s all. No loud, blaring alarms, no risk of your phone dying in the middle of the night, just restful sleep and gentle awakening.

Using Fitbit as a Silent Alarm Clock | Cool tools


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