Your Fire Extinguisher Needs Quick and Regular Maintenance

If you ever need to use a fire extinguisher, you probably want it to work. Some fire extinguisher powder can settle and harden at the bottom, making them unusable. To prevent this, do a quick service every six months or so.

The Make It Right home renovation website reminds us that fire extinguishers need to be checked annually to make sure they still work properly. You want to make sure the pin and tamper seal are intact and the pressure is still green. Apart from that, here’s what they offer:

Turn it upside down. The agent inside the fire extinguisher can settle to the bottom – it has the consistency of flour and will easily pack over time. Turn the fire extinguisher upside down several times to warm the agent inside.

I first read this tip via Reddit , which also suggests hitting the bottom of the fire extinguisher with a sharp hand. Other sources say the same, and some suggest hitting him with a rubber mallet. Typically, your palm should help, and you probably want to check your fire extinguisher every six months or a year. For more details please follow the link below.

Fire extinguishers | Make it right


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