Use What You Tend to Put Off for Special Occasions

Some things, such as “good china”, expensive suits or even fancy soap, we usually reserve for special occasions. However, The Art of Simplicity argues that we should use these special things that we hesitate to “use up” more often.

Erma Bombek’s beautiful piece “ If I Had To Live My Life Again” was the inspiration for a blog post by Tsh Oxenrader. Here’s an excerpt:

I would invite friends to dinner even if the carpet was stained and the sofa faded.

I would eat popcorn in a “good” living room and worry less about dirt when lighting the fireplace.

I would take the time to listen to my grandfather chatting about his youth.

I would light a pink candle that was fashioned like a rose before it melts during storage.

I can relate a lot to this candle example. I have beautiful stationery that I never used because it would disappear then, the clothes I love that I save only for get-togethers, expensive lotions that I keep for unknown reasons. But it’s time to enjoy these special things. Oxenrader writes:

Let’s break down the good night pizza plates for a quick bite to eat. Bring towels for your family. A spray of perfume for a grocery store. Use trendy pens for to-do lists.

Those special things that we have? One thing is even special – to have them. We do the right thing to use them right. Let’s recognize the privilege of procrastinating on something special – because it really is.

More frequent use of special items doesn’t make them any less special. They make it easier to see everyday life in all its craziness, because in the end it’s not about us.

Use good things | The art of the simple


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