Remember Milk Is Undergoing a Major Overhaul With New Apps, New Designs and New Features

Internet / Mac / iOS / Android / Blackberry / Fire: Remember the Milk was one of the first really big apps , and today it is again vying for that spot with a massive overhaul of each of its apps.

The big new switch is associated with a new interface that looks a lot like an app developed by Google. But it’s not just the redesign. Along with a new look for all Remember the Milk apps, there are new features including subtasks, tag colors, a new sharing menu, improved notification support, customized reminders, and offline mode. The catch, as is often the case with modern apps, is that many of the new features (including subtasks, offline mode, and Outlook sync) are behind a paywall that now costs $ 39.99 a year. Anyway, if you’ve been using Remember the Milk for a long time, it’d be nice to see a more modern design for the app. If you were a Pro subscriber before, you will be able to keep the old $ 25 / year price until 2017.

Remember milk


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