Make Bread Cones, the Perfect Portable Container for Your Favorite Toppings

Why eat from a bowl when you can eat from an edible air cone? Breadcorns can be filled with anything, as they are perfect for travel or for meetings on a play day.

The video above shows how to prepare the dough. More importantly, the video shows you how to create a tapered shape from paper and aluminum foil. Here, you can use any dough – like baked bread or pizza dough – and add whatever toppings you like, be it salad, meat and cheese, or whatever you can imagine.

This is similar to the pizza cones idea we talked about earlier , but it’s easier to make since you don’t have to cut out the aluminum can to make the shape.

If you prefer text-based instructions to videos, you will find the recipe at the YouTube link below.

Bread Cone Recipe | Youtube


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