Google Play Games Is the Latest Victim of the Great Google+ Divorce

Remember when Google+ came out and it was cool at first, but then Google shoved it where it didn’t belong ? Well, Google has started to retreat . The next step is Android games, which, thankfully, should become less integrated with Google+.

As Android Police explains, many Android games already use the Google Play Games service linked to your Google account to register achievements and save games across devices. However, this permission was strangely related to a request to make your gaming activity visible to “everyone on the Internet”. You can manually change this setting to “Only you”, but why is the login to the game still linked to the social network profile by default?

Due to the upcoming change in the way Google Play Games works, signing in to Google+ will remain an option, but not required. Game developers can choose whether to fulfill this specific request themselves. And besides, you can turn off the request completely in the settings of the Play Games app. This is a step in the right direction for a social network that really doesn’t need to be everywhere at once.

Google Streamlines Play Games API: Allows Auto Login and Shows Only Request When Requesting Google+ Access | Police Android


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