These Are the Dirtiest Surfaces in Hotel Rooms.

Ever wondered what germs are hiding in your posh hotel? Here are the most germinal surfaces in three-, four-, and five-star hotel rooms.

This infographic from Travel Math shows the average distribution of bacteria in hotel rooms, ranging from three to five stars. Research by EmLab P&K shows that, overall, TV remotes and dressing tables contain the most bacteria. Surprisingly, however, their study found that the rooms of three-star hotels actually had fewer bacteria than rooms of four and five stars. Fortunately, most of the bacteria found are not considered overly dangerous. At the same time, EmLab P&K recommends washing your hands regularly and not eating or touching your face after touching the counter in the bathroom or the TV remote control. You can find out more about the types of bacteria and their distribution at the link below.

Hotel outdoor hygiene | Travel mathematics


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