Distribute Miso and Other Pastes Evenly Over the Soup Through a Sieve.

Nothing catches your eye during these cold winter months like a hot bowl of miso soup , but tossing a large chunk of soybean paste in the dashi broth can leave lumps floating.

Use a fine sieve to evenly distribute the starter culture. Simply transfer the miso through a sieve, place it in the dashi broth, and push the spoon through the back of the spoon. The miso will spread evenly and quickly throughout the broth. (You don’t have a sieve? You can also avoid clumping by making a thin gruel, see the link below for how to do it.) If miso soup isn’t to your liking, don’t worry, this tip still applies to you. Any thick paste, such as ingot or black bean paste , can be evenly spread over soups and sauces in a way that will give you a silky fluff feeling without any salty lumps.

Learn This Miso Soup Trick, Thank Us Later | Bon appetit


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