The Best Way to Freeze Cooked Rice and Other Grains for Easier Reheating

Whether you’re dealing with leftover food or planning ahead for meals, there is a better way to freeze grain. Save your Tupperware cookware for something else and use a plastic freezer bag instead.

It might be tempting to put the grain in an airtight container, put it in the freezer and call it good, but Emma Christensen of The Kitchn knows a clever trick. Place cooked rice or other grains in an airtight plastic freezer bag , then spread them over it so that they are perfectly flat. It will take up less space in the freezer and, most importantly, will thaw much more evenly in the future. You won’t be left with frozen grains in the middle of the rice ball until the outside is ready to eat. You can also indicate the amount and day of preparation right on the bag.

How to Freeze and Thaw Rice, Quinoa, and Other Whole Grains | Kitchen


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