10 Best Ways to Be More Productive When Working From Home

Many of us are more productive at home than in the office. But working from home comes with its own challenges. 10 helpful tips to help you work more efficiently from home.

10. Get dressed

Sure, working in your pajamas is one of the big benefits of doing it yourself, but it doesn’t help you get in the mood for work. You don’t have to wear a suit or anything formal, but at least wear pants (or a skirt). At the end of the day, you can change into “non-work” clothes to create a fine line between work and home time.

9. “Get to your home office”

Likewise, get out of the house for a while before starting the day . A fake commute – even if it’s just a walk around the block – can be part of a little ritual that kicks off your day with a jump. Accept your eccentricity and you will be more creative.

8. Take short breaks from your exercise.

You need coffee breaks as much as an office worker. Kill two birds with one stone by doing mini workouts throughout the day – possibly during Pomodoro breaks . This will help you think more straightforwardly , improve your mood and productivity , and ensure you get enough exercise.

7. Find the right tools for your job

Remote workers need special tools to stay in touch with their office colleagues. These include corporate web conferencing tools, document collaboration packages, and screen sharing tools . Your IT department will most likely suggest the specific ones that you need. If not, try others for yourself to keep in touch even if you are far from the office. Also, everyone must have a VPN .

6. Don’t let your family bother you

Ah, family members. The people you love who won’t leave you alone when you need to work the most. When you are at home, it is difficult for loved ones and children to understand that you are in a working mode, but you can train them . Give the kids a learning station to keep them busy and establish some ground rules with a partner . If you and your significant other work from home, you will have to work together (pun intended) to stay sane.

5. Block out all the riots

It is not only your family members who are fighting for your precious attention, but the whole world. The temptation to procrastinate or spend all day watching cat gifs is great when no one is looking over your shoulder. Set aside space and time for your work and try these ten tools and tips to keep yourself from being distracted by all views.

4. Create a focused work environment

The best tool for any worker: An environment to focus. For many, this will be a separate room with a door (so as not to let family members in, and also to close it at the end of the day). Also important: proper lighting, table setup and noise control. However, you will have to experiment with the most effective remote work setup for yourself.

3. Change the location of the office

Sometimes the best way to work remotely is not to work from home . Tap into the creative buzz at a coffee shop, or find camaraderie in a coworking space. Perhaps play Workstation Popcorn to focus and take advantage of your ability to work from anywhere.

2. Force yourself to stop working

Perhaps you and your manager are most afraid of messing around before you start working from home. For many of us, however, the biggest challenge is over development and burning. Your work is always in the background where you live and play. Make it easy for yourself to stop working with little tricks like setting an alarm at the end of the day, making appointments at the end of the day, and making a contract with yourself to protect your downtime. Fuck you home (away from your home office) and stop working on weekends .

1. Create a procedure and set boundaries

I have been working from home for over 15 years. I’ve had ups and downs in my productivity. What’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my productivity? I plan my days and weeks depending on my energy . Daily rituals and morning routines also help. The video above offers five quick tips on how to better work from home, including critical advice on setting boundaries so you can stay sane while enjoying the freedom to work from home.

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