Five Reasons Why You Should Keep Some Drinks in Your Camera Bag

The koozies, the styrofoam containers you use to chill aluminum cans, do more than you might imagine. Here are some clever ways to use them with your camera.

This video from youtuber-thefrugalfilmaker goes over some of the ways you can use ultra-cheap drinks to protect and store your camera gear. You can use them to store short lenses or use two of them to store long lenses. They can also be used as stackable organizers for small camera parts, or you can cut out the bottom and use them for matte effects. Plus, the Kuzi are waterproof and float so you can protect your camera even if it’s raining or if you’re filming near a body of water. You can buy kuzi for a dollar at a dollar store, and sometimes even cheaper at large box stores.

Tip: Remaking Koozies Drinks | Youtube


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