Being “hungry” Is Real, so Don’t Skip Snacks

You haven’t eaten for a while and you start to be delighted with everyone. Are you hungry. This is not just a joke, this is a real phenomenon. So be sure to grab a bite to eat if you’re concerned about your attitude.

As noted by news site Vox, recent research has shown fasting is normal. The lower your blood sugar, the less fuel your brain needs to function. While you can tackle all the critical tasks of the brain like breathing and vision, more complex things like turning a dish argument into meaningful conversation are not so easy. Result? You handle small things more impulsively, which makes it easier to get angry:

The brain needs energy to function. And glucose, a simple sugar, is almost the only molecule that the brain will accept for fuel. When your blood sugar drops, so does your brain. Low blood sugar can have a particularly large impact on high-level tasks that require self-control, because these tasks require a particularly large amount of energy.

The easiest way to deal with this is to keep snacks on hand in case you have to go away for a long time. You can also check your meal schedule. If you tend to forget about food for most of the day, and eat one large lunch with a light lunch in the evening to delay you, try spreading your meals throughout the day.

The Science of “Hunger” – How Low Blood Sugar Is Making You A Monster | Vox


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