Top Downloads This Week

Every week we share the number of downloads for all platforms to help you get started. Here are the top downloads this week.

Airflow sends almost any video to Chromecast or Apple TV from Windows or OS X

Windows / Mac: We’ve seen tons of options for sending video from your computer to Chromecast using Chrome or even the command line , but if you’re looking for a more versatile solution, Airflow is the app that will send almost any video to Chromecast or Apple TV from your computer under running Windows or Mac.

Download thousands of free Springer tech and research books

We’re always happy to find a large collection of free educational books, and it looks like Springer recently made available over 50,000 STEM subject books.

OpenEmu, a versatile game emulator, adds support for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and more.

Mac: OpenEmu is the best classic game emulator for Mac , and it gets even better today, adding support for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and more along with a host of new features.

Just don’t apologize for Gmail, helps you write more confident emails

Chrome: Lack of confidence in your emails can make it difficult to set a professional tone or make important messages weak. Just Not Sorry is a simple Gmail plugin that detects suitable words and phrases so you can weed them out.

The best Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows

Sure, Mario Kart 8 may have 30 characters and hovercraft, but there is something nostalgic about the now classic Mario Kart 64. If you want to relive the games of your childhood, an emulator is a decent way to go.

Slide for iPhone: Shoots weird 3D photos

iPhone: Would you like to capture depth in your photos? Slide is an application that turns photos into short GIFs with a 3D effect.

AutoMate leaves beta and brings Android Auto-Style toolbar to your phone

Android: Car dashboard apps are easy to find but difficult to succeed. AutoMate does this with an easy-to-use dashboard with user-friendly features that help make driving easier.

7 cups provided free of charge to trained listeners and mindfulness exercises

Android / iOS: 7 Cups are a great service to talk to someone if you don’t have the money for therapy , and their mobile apps make it even easier to connect with a listener and write a text or talk about what’s on your mind. It even includes mental exercises to help you deal with stress or anxiety.

How to send audio from your computer to Chromecast

Windows / Mac: Most popular apps let you cast audio and video to Chromecast right from the app itself, but not all support this. Instead of just streaming from one specific app, you can cast all of your computer’s audio through Chromecast for maximum support.

The best video editor for Android

Oh, we can finally write this post. Video editors haven’t worked on Android for a long time. Too long. But now, Adobe Premiere Clip brings simple, seamless video editing to Android. You can trim clips, mix multiple clips together, and add your own soundtrack. It’s not perfect, but a good start.

The best video editor for iPhone

The iPhone has no shortage of video editing apps. In fact, there are so many of them that it is almost impossible to choose among them. But when it comes to the right mix of features and usability on an iPhone screen that is arguably too small for video editing, we love Splice.

Know Fast teaches you something new every day with short informative videos

iOS: Know Fast for iPhone brings you short (less than four minutes) informative videos daily in your chosen categories. This is a great way to spend a few minutes learning something new and interesting in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest to you, or just broaden your horizons a little.

Curiosity will show you helpful Wikipedia articles when you need them

iOS: If you’ve ever seen an interesting monument or building and wanted to know more about it, Curiosity is perfect for you. The app uses geolocation to post Wikipedia articles based on what’s near you and offers articles related to trending news topics to keep you in the loop, too. is like Steam for experimental and independent games

Windows / Mac / Linux: Steam has its share of indie games, but not all. If you’re really looking for video games off the beaten path, is a store and app that features all sorts of experimental and independent games.

Twitter for Mac Finally Updated to Support New Twitter Features

Mac: It’s been a long time since Twitter didn’t bother doing anything with its Mac app, let alone anything substantial. This time, the app does have some benefits, supporting many of Twitter’s new features.

Chromer makes browsing third-party apps more like browsing on Chrome

Android: When you click a link in some apps, you may find yourself opening a small, stripped-down web browser without leaving the app. It’s nice, but it lacks a lot of useful Chrome features. Chromer fixes this.


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