CourseBuffet Organizes Online Courses for DIY Degrees in Computer Science or Management

CourseBuffet not only highlights free courses from top universities, but also groups some of them into groups so you can get the equivalent of an undergraduate degree with these free online courses.

Two degree programs are currently available: Computer Science and Management, with finance coming soon. When you choose one of these paths, you will be presented with groups of courses organized in a similar way to traditional degrees, with basic, advanced and elective courses. And, as with a traditional degree, you must receive all credits to complete the “program”.

Core computer science courses include everything from an introductory course to computer science and computer architecture, algorithms, programming languages, and databases. Within each topic, you can choose from a variety of online courses to add to your path.

There is no actual degree awarded, but it is a useful tool that organizes the many different courses you can take in these subjects. You can study on your own with a structured curriculum like this collection of free computer science courses .



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