Take Risks When You Have a Vaccine Instead of Waiting Until You Are Sure

Nobody wants to take risks and fail. We all have an instinct to wait until something is certain before making a dash. However, such indecision can lead to oversight. Instead, take risks if you are confident that you have a decent chance of success.

Productivity writer Seth Godin uses an example of a quiz team. If you wait until you get the correct answer in your head, it could mean that someone else will buzz first. Instead, he suggests intervening when you think you will have an answer by the time you are asked. It sounds casual, but most of us probably know if “1600s fashion trends” is a trivia category that we know a thing or two about. Buzzing doesn’t mean you have an answer. This means that you are confident enough in your knowledge of the topic to take risks:

Once you realize that you can probably figure out the answer by the time you’re asked, buzz. The answer will come to you between the time you hum and the time you should speak. If not, the error penalty is small compared to being able to get it right.

This seems wrong in many ways. He feels reckless, reckless, and selfish. Of course, we have to wait until we are sure before we start buzzing. But waiting leads to not buzzing.

The concept of “buzz first, then respond” can be applied to many other areas not related to the buzzer. Not sure if you are eligible for a job? Apply anyway. You will know if you can actually do this even before the interview is over. Do you want to write a book but don’t know if you can? You will be far from the publisher before you realize if you have what you need. The risk will light a fire below you and help you understand if you are truly the right fit for what you are trying to do. Chances are, you already have a decent idea of ​​what your wheelhouse is, so trust your gut a bit.

Buzzer Control | Seth Godin


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