This Video Explores the Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages for the Brain

Learning a second language is great for traveling and getting a better paying job, but it can also improve your brain health.

This TED-Ed YouTube video explores the different types of multilingual speakers and how speaking multiple languages ​​helps your brain stay healthy. Generally, the earlier a child starts learning a language, the better, but even adults learning a second language can benefit from it. Your brain can be more active and have a higher density of gray matter, which contains your brain’s neurons and synapses. It is also possible that knowing and regularly speaking a second language may help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Basically, speaking a second language gives your brain a workout that can help make it healthier in the long run. Considering that learning a second language can also make you more money , there is no reason not to consider this.

Benefits of a Bilingual Brain – Mia Nakamulli | Youtube


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