When Decorating With Color, Use the “rule of Three”

A little color can work wonders to liven up a room. If you want to decorate a room with bright colors, use the “rule of three” to put it all together.

The Rule of Thirds and the Rule of Odd Numbers are basic design principles, and we talked about how to use it when decorating walls . Similarly, you can use these rules for decorating with color. Better Homes and Gardens calls this the “rule of three” and suggests using color at least three times in a room.

You can see how it usually applies in the photo above: there is a green wall, an accent wall, a rug and plants.

And here’s another example, without using any wall color at all:

Of course, this is a general rule of thumb and you can customize it as you see fit. But if you want to add colors to a room, especially bright ones, this is a good rule of thumb to make everything look the same. For more information follow the link below.

Our Best Tips and Tricks for Using Color | The best houses and gardens

Photos of jinkazama and jarmoluka .


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