Prepare for a Bad Job Review Before It Happens

Nobody is perfect, and sometimes you leave work with a bad taste in your manager’s mouth. If you know they are going to give you a less than stellar recommendation, try to fix the problem before that happens.

Nick Korkodilos of Ask the Headhunter recommends calling your old boss and asking his permission to add you as a referral, even if you know your new employer is already planning to call your previous bosses. This often gives you an opportunity to clear the air, which can help them see you in a better light before they give this link.

However, this is not reliable, and when you think it won’t go your way anyway, just admit it:

Even if the review is unfavorable, the smart employer will primarily rely on their own judgment and ask you to explain your old boss’s comments. So, anticipate the question and be prepared to give a good answer that is honest and not defensive.

Then there is the tactical approach. Tell the new manager (Ann) what your old boss (Brenda) is likely to say before they start talking. Since you cannot block this conversation, face the facts and amaze Ann with your candor.

It doesn’t always get you a job, but when you have no other options, it’s probably the most graceful way to handle a situation.

How to fix a bad guide the hard way ”wiki helpful Ask the Bounty Hunter


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