Create a YouTube Playlist Without an Account With This URL Trick

The YouTube playlist features are pretty handy. However, linking them to accounts can be difficult when you just want to share multiple videos. With this URL trick, you can collect multiple videos without requiring an account.

As tech blog Digital Inspiration points out, you can create your own playlists by taking the video ID (the set of lowercase and uppercase letters at the end of regular YouTube URLs) and appending them to that URL, separated by commas. Replace each instance of “ID #” with the YouTube URL:,ID2,ID3,ID4

You can see an example by right-clicking this link and choosing Copy Link Address. This URL will work just like any other playlist. You can embed it or share it with a link. All normal playlist controls will appear. The only difference is that it will not be permanently linked to your account (or until you delete it, thus breaking the playlist link).

How to Create YouTube Playlists Without Login | Digital inspiration


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