Check Out Your Work Email Sunday Night for Success in the Week

Avoiding stress at work is what a weekend is. This means giving up email . It also means you get it all at once on Monday morning, which is not fun at all. Checking your email Sunday night can make your work week easier.

In Inc. they suggest taking a look at your email on Sunday night (assuming your work week is Monday through Friday):

Sunday is definitely a day to rest, but if you find yourself overwhelmed a lot on Monday mornings, logging in briefly on Sunday night can help you get rid of that Monday mania. You don’t need to call or even answer emails – just evaluate your Monday game plan and you’ll sleep a little better.

If you get a ton of voicemails over the weekend, you might want to check that out as well. You aim to sort and sort, not solve or answer. Ignore this advice if these letters keep you on your toes. This Sunday night ritual is about reducing stress, not increasing it. Read the link for more quick tips

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